Blue Lantern

We’re a talented team of quantitative marketers that prioritize our clients’ and each others’ success. We’re always looking to build relationships with like-minded companies and individuals.


Our Values 


Earn Trust

Trust is difficult to win and easy to lose.


Respect Everyone

Treat people as they want to be treated.


Be Givers

Helping others drives our success.


Seek Growth

Everyone benefits when we strive to be better.


Strive for Excellence

If something is worth doing, it’s worth doing right.


Cultivate Positivity

Positivity is infectious, help it spread.

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Our Team

We’re a high achieving group of growth marketers that is constantly learning. We’re always looking for people that can help our team and our clients grow.

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Our History

Since its founding in 2016, Blue Lantern has worked with numerous high-growth, venture-capital-backed startups across the country. Our success in helping our clients achieve their growth targets has helped them raise over $100 million to date.


Join Blue Lantern 

A career with Blue Lantern is more than a chance to help companies grow, it’s an opportunity to grow your career alongside successful growth professionals and world-class clients