Meet Your New Partners In Growth

At Blue Lantern, we help startups grow by deeply understanding their business and working hand-in-hand to drive results. We believe our client’s success is our greatest asset.


How We Work 


Gain Understanding

As a consulting firm, we take the time to build understanding of your business and key metrics. We’ll identify your most important goals, understand your budget, and then define a strategy and plan for executing to get the results that you desire.


Develop Strategy

With broad expertise across paid search, paid social, SEO, email marketing, marketing analytics, marketing tooling, and more, we have the the breadth of perspective to put together a holistic strategy to help you achieve measurable results.


Deliver Results

We work closely with your team to execute on the strategy, and identify the places that we’re seeing success. Through a process of rapid testing, learning, and iteration we modify our strategy and accelerate growth.